Thor15 combo

Technical data:

Amplifier type: Hevos 400C, 400W / 4 Ohm, Class-D
Cabinet type: bass reflex
Loudspeakers: 1 × 15 “, slottweeter
Power handling: 500 Watts AES
Filter: 2500 Hz
Frequency range: 35 Hz-20 kHz
Impedance: 8 Ohm
Sensitivity: 100 dB /W/m
Connectors: 1x Speakon
Dimensions hxwxd: 54x46x35 cms
Weight: 15.8 kgs

Hevos introduces a new bass combo, Thor15. The Thor15 is powered by a 15 “bass-mid loudspeaker that is not only good in the low registers but has also a beautiful  mid response. This combination of a good low and mid response is often a weak point in today’s 15” bass combo’s. The applied 15 “loudspeaker combines a low cone weight with a high stiffness, resulting in an extended frequency range. Because of this and the powerful magnet heavy loads are no problem: the sound remains tight. The dynamic slottweeter produces a silky soft high up to 20 kHz.

The combination of this special 15”loudspeaker and the slottweeter ensures the sound remaining transparent, a well known feature of all Hevos cabinets and combos. Therefore, the audibility both on stage and in the rehearsal room is always good.

The Hevos 400C combo amplifier has proven its class in the other Hevos combos. The amplifier delivers 400W/4Ω and is completely noiseless.  Input impedance and damping of the power amplifier are very high, resulting in a perfect amplification.

The Thor15 combo has a continuous power handling of 500 watts AES, weighs 15.8 kgs and its height is only a knee-high 54cms. The combination of powerful reproduction, low weight and small size makes the Thor15 an attractive basscombo. The Thor15 has the same surface dimensions as the Super12 and Super15 loudspeaker cabinets, making it easy (stackable) to combine it with one of these cabinets.

For those who want to use the combo as a floor monitor, Hevos delivers a small stainless steel support to put the combo in an angle.

Editor Leif Bendt  (German magazine BassQuarterly ) tested the Thor15 combo and concluded:

” I used the Hevos combo at various experiments and sessions. Here too, it made me excited, the Thor15 sounds dynamic and even at very high volume levels the sound is tight and detailed. The 15″ loudspeaker delivers pure bass and a clean mid, the slottweeter comes in at the right frequency and delivers the necessary amount of silvery brightness.

Playing bass guitar I hardly needed the tone control, just sometimes a little bit to ajust the differences in acoustics of various stages. The Thor15 gives me fun, or better: the absence of coloured sound made it feel as if the sound came directly out of my hands. For most occasions, the Thor15 delivers more than enough power, even though the amplifier only gives its maximum of 400 Watts with an additional loudspeaker cabinet.

Now about the experiences with my double bass. Personally, I never was very excited about the combination of double bass and 15” loudspeakers. Too much undefined booming bass, often resulting in feedback. Moreover, 15″ loudspeakers normally are poor in reproduction of mid tones, which are essential for double bass. None of this for the Thor15. Here, bass, middle and high are equally present. I had no problem to set up a very good double bass sound. Such neutral, inconspicuous amps that are meant for pure reproduction of a bass sound are very rare.  Glockenklang can do that as well, playing in the same major league as Hevos.

Only a few companies succeed in realizing their ideas about bass amplification in such an accurate and perfect way. Hevos belongs to that little circle for many years now, which once more is proved impressively with this Thor15 bass combo.

Regardless of whether you play bass guitar or double bass, jazz, rock, or fusion, this Hevos convinces. Only when you play metal I would recommend to connect an extra cabinet to use maximum power of 400 Watts. For all other music styles, the Thor15 is superior by itself. Bravo! “