About Hevos

HEVOS is a (small) Dutch company that specializes in designing and building high-end sound reinforcement systems for bass players. HEVOS works with a solitary goal: Build world-class loudspeaker systems and amplifiers for bass players.

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Ben                                                                           en Rob

HEVOS was founded in 1992 by Ben Heil and Rob de Vos in Panningen, the Netherlands. Tasks at HEVOS are clearly divided. Ben takes care of the production, looks for hardware solutions and also takes care of the financial side of the business. Rob’s specialty is cabinet and amplifier design. He also maintains the HEVOS website and is the primary contact for clients.

Where other companies take refuge in the Far East for their production, HEVOS remains a 100% Dutch company. No concessions whatsoever are made in the quality of the products.  All HEVOS cabinets, amplifiers and combos are made in Holland. Because of this the quality of HEVOS products is guaranteed. By using high-quality components and sophisticated designs, HEVOS products are rated among the best for bass amplification by both bassists and bass magazines.

All HEVOS products are hand built


HEVOS products may be purchased directly from HEVOS and specialized bass shops.
More information may be obtained by clicking on ‘contacts’ in the main menu. If
you are in the Netherlands please make an appointment to visit our demonstration
room in Deurne near Eindhoven. If that is too far away by all means ask a
professional bass player about their experiences with HEVOS bass equipment!
Because all the cabinets and amps are built by hand, we can meet your specific

If you have any specific questions about HEVOS bass products,
please send us an email and we will promptly answer you.


Some known bass players who use HEVOS:

Marco Dirne

Marco Dirne is a Hevos adept for about 15 years now. Studied at the Hilversum/Amsterdam conservatory, Marco is a teacher himself at the Rotterdam conservatory. He is also a popular bass player at many profesional events. Simone Kleinsma, Hind, Sister Sledge, C.B. Milton, Edsilia Rombley, Tineke Postma and many others do want Marco to be their bass player.
Dibbe van Laarhoven

Dibbe van Laarhoven plays with Kyteman on television several times a week and has had some great gigs this year, like Pinkpop and the North Sea Jazz Festival. Dibbe uses a HEVOS 800D and a Power Set.

Jill Delien

Jill  Delien,  professional bassist. Studied at the well known Jazz Studio in Antwerpen, pupil of Cedric Waterschoot. Plays in several bands.

Tony Overwater

Tony Overwater is one of the best double bass players of the Netherlands and winner of the Edison Prize in 2001. His energy and performance are extensively known and make him a good accompanist and a marked soloist/performer. Tony uses a Hevos Compact loudspeaker set and a HEVOS hybrid bass amplifier, the 400B.

Cedric Waterschoot

Cédric Waterschoot is one of  Europe’s best bass guitar players. He took lessons from  Benoît Vanderstraeten and Michel Hatzigeorgou.  In 1995 he won the Billy Sheehan Scolarship and was able to study at the Musician Institute in Los Angeles, where he played with Gary Willis, Stanley Clarke, Steve Bailey, Mike Stern, Scott Henderson and others. Back in Belgium he accompanied many known artists. He is a teacher at the Jazz Studio in Antwerp. Cédric uses a  Compact
set and a small set made up of a Midget 10” combo and an extra Midget 10” cabinet.

Davis de Marez Oyens

David de Marez Oyens played bass with Toon Hermans, Thijs van Leer, Margriet Eshuijs, Jan Akkerman en Floris. He Has been a teacher at the conservatory of Amsterdam for many years. David uses a HEVOS Midget 10″ combo with extra HEVOS Midget 10″ cabinet.

Peter Vink

Peter Vink (ex Q65) in action during the European Tour of Ayreon in 2002. Peter uses the “large” Hevos Bass Set: a Dual Tube Pre-Amp, an 800A stereo power amp of 2×800 Watts , a 4×10″ cabinet, and a 1×18″ loudspeaker cabinet.

Marten Schulp

Marten Schulp, professional bass player, plays bass guitar and double bass. Marten plays on a combination of Donar Plus cabinet and Compact 15″ cabinet, and uses a Hevos 400B hybrid amplifier.

Charly Angenois

Charly Angenois is one of Holland’s most popular bassists both in jazz and rock. He has played with Rita Reys, Candy Dulfer, Greetje Kauffeld,Denise Jannah, Thijs van Leer, Al Jarreau, Monty Alexander and John Clayton. Charly teaches at the Amsterdam conservatory and was a student of Victor Kaihatu. He uses a HEVOS Midget 10” combo.