Technical data  (between brackets for Midget without tweeter):

Type: bass reflex
Loudspeakers: 1×10″, slottweeter (1×10″)
Filter: 2500 Hz  (no filter)
Power handling: 400 Watts
Frequency range: 40 Hz-20 kHz  (40-3,5 kHz)
Impedance: 4 or 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 97 dB/W/m
Connectors: 2x Speakon
Dimensions: hxwxd: 40x36x34 cm
Weight: 10,6 kgs  (9,1 kgs)

Super small, tight and with an amazing bass sound for such a small cabinet, that is the Midget. Driven by a 1x 10″ bass-mid loudspeaker with a continued power rate of 400 Watts AES, completed with the well-known Hevos slottweeter to add that golden edge to your bass sound. The slottweeter can be controlled by means of an L-Pad at the back of the cabinet. The front is placed in an angle to get a better projection of the sound. You can put the Midget on the floor, its presence at the stage is unmistakable. The wedge-form vent at the bottom avoids standing waves.

The Midget can best be powered with an amplifier of 200- 400 Watts. The impedance is 4 Ohms or 8 Ohms, depending on the minimum impedance of your amp and if you want to, use the Midget as a stand-alone cabinet or combine it with another cabinet like a Midget without tweeter. This cabinet is ideal for bass players who hate to take along large cabinets for rehearsals or small gigs, but won’t make any concessions to their bass sound.

The Midget is finished in black vinyl with plastic corners and  of course stackable with other Midget cabinets, such as the Midget without tweeter. This makes a perfect small set with an astonishing sound!

For the rest there is also a Midget combo. The Midget combo, in combination with a Midget box without tweeter, was tested by the reputable German Gitarre & Bass. Read the review at the combo page.

Gitarre & Bass” review of the  Midget :

” The technical data seem amazing , taking into account the measures of this tiny cabinet, but thanks to a high-end loudspeaker and a very good box-design the Midget is David with Goliath’s power. The sound stays straight and pure, even at high sound levels, and stays tight even with large impulses. This Midget can cope with high power outputs of amps without any distortion. Even deep bass tones come out realistically and powerfully, and when playing with ones eyes shut one hears a far larger cabinet: great!!

    The high tech slottweeter reproduces the higher tones very smoothly and silkily, without obtrusive metal sounds, and this reproduction of the higher frequencies is wide ranged and is inserted homogeneously in the sound reproduction. By means of the L-pad at the back of the box one can control the sound balance very precisely, depending on the acoustical qualities of the room and on one’s own taste.

    The strength of the small Midget is not only its huge power handling but especially the tight sound reproduction. The bass is solid and the sound wide and full of details, and even the smallest sound nuances are reproduced smoothly and with distinction. There is no part of the frequency range that is emphasized, and the result is that the Midget does not restrict its sound qualities through changes of timbre.

    Without any doubt, one should place this super compact bass cabinet in the SUPER BASS LEAGUE. With extreme pure and impulse-tight bass reproduction and a solid sound, the Midget has outgrown above its own small cabinet measures. In addition we are very enthusiastic of its realistic fat bass sound. Hevos does not promise too much by recommending the Midget as an ideal box for those bassists who are tired of handling heavy cabinets but do not want to make any concessions to the quality of their sound: the sound reproduction performance of the Midget will certainly also convince demanding bass players.”

Gitaar Plus review of the  Midget and Midget without tweeter :

  ” A  Hevos cabinet is as stable as a pill-box, never rattles  and gives you exactly what you expected.  Its sound is unbelievebly direct. I did a try-out with a Peavey T_Max bass amp, during a rehearsal and a gig in a pub, and believe me, I was dumbfounded. What a performance did these litlle cabinets give!  The direct, tight bass sound with lots of mid, the low and the high frequencies, it was all there with suprising ease. The Hevos Midgets are marked present in the total mix of the band.  Because of the dry, direct signal you are forced to play your bass in a precise way. A cabinet with a woolly sound could mask a small musicians mistake, but these little cabinets show  without mercy. Besides:  an acoustic guitar also sounds great thanks to these cabinets!

     The exterior of the Midget is very business-like. Unbelievable robust, more Russian stiffness, less French of Italian flair. But the exterior might fail some warmth, this is more than compensated by its sound, especially the pureness and the power of the sound. It is only seldom that a loudspeaker radiates the sound of the bass guitar so uncoloured. That shouls appeal to every bassist, because it does never hide bad elements or a lousy style of playing. Nothing can be camouflaged. This is a pure sound, which is radiated with a dynamic that makes you shiver.”