Midget 10 combo


Technical data:

Amplifier: 400C: 400W/4 Ohm , class-D
Type: bass reflex
Louspeakers: 1×10″ , slottweeter
Power handling: 400 Watts
Filter: 2500 Hz
Frequency range: 40 Hz- 20 kHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 97 dB/W/m
Connectors: 2x Speakon
Dimensions hxwxd: 40x36x34 cm
Weight: 12.6 kgs
The Midget 10″ combo is based on the Midget Plus cabinet. This ultra small loudspeaker box with a height of 40 cms is powered by the new Hevos lightweight amplifier.

The combo has a superb 10″ bass-mid loudspeaker with a AES power handling of 400 Watts, completed with the Hevos slottweeter which add that golden edge to your bass sound. The front of the combo is placed in an angle to get an improved vertical throw of the of the bass sound, even when you stand right in front of the combo. For those who want to use the combo as a floor monitor, Hevos delivers a small stainless steel support to put the combo in an angle.

The Midget 10″ combo is powered by the 400C combo amplifier. The combo amp has a continuous output of 400 Watts. The amp has 2 separated inputs. Additionally, the pre amp has a mute out to tune the bass inaudible, a phase switch for double bass, a -6 dB switch and a 4 band active tone control with a range of +/- 12 dB. The 400C is provided with all kinds of protection devices, such as a switch-on delay, clip indication, protection against short circuit of the loudspeaker output. At the backside of the amp there is an output for a headphone, a mute out and a symmetrical line out with pre/post switch. An extra Speakon loudspeaker output completes the 400C.

The power amp of the 400C is a class-D type with UcD technics and has a switched power supply. The amplifier delivers its maximum power of 400 Watts at 4 Ohms, so connecting an extra loudspeaker cabinet is possible. The Midget combo can ideally be combined with an extra Midget cabinet without tweeter. Naturally both the Midget combo and the extra Midget box can be stapled.

About the sound of the Midget 10″ combo: you don not believe that it can be produced by such a tiny combo!

German “Gitarre & Bass” tested the Midget 10″ combo and extra Midget cabinet :

” The performances of this Hevos combo surpass all our expectations. The combo on its own produces a full and strong bass sound, and at an substantial level when desired. One should not be afraid that this tiny combo lacks deep bass, because if the full standard bass sound should not be sufficient at any time, one can boost an ernormous amount of deep basses by the tone control. And even then, the sound pattern stays open and differentiated up to the highest tones. And here the slottweeter shows its qualities, integrating the high tones in an adequate, homogeneous and balanced way.

Without any problems the black Midget combo is able to take high loads, and copes even extreme volumes without nasty distortions. A definitely attractive, refined rough edge to the bass sound is noticeable when we push the combo to its limits, but a permanent limiter prevents real distortion. The 4 band tone control has a broad range of influencing the sound, and works at frewuencies that are wel chosen for bassists. 

When one adds the extra Midget cabinet to the combo, it is clear that this combination is withouyt any doubt completely capable for band use, and it is still a very small stack! Without any problems you can cope with middle large club gigs. For sessions and practising this mini tower offers abundant reserves.

It is just magic what Hevos did when they designed the Midget, and it deserves respect! Because not only does this powerful and ultra compact combo produce high sound levels, but it does so with tight basses and extreme pure and differentiated. And with the additional cabinet one has enough power even for the hard and solid band sound levels. And it all comes out of one of the most manageable and transportable bass stacks there is. As far as the sound quality is concerned, this Hevos combination is top class, no doubt about that. “