What is so special about HEVOS cabinets?

Loudspeaker cabinets from HEVOS are known for their fabulous sound that they produce, and for their extreme light weight.

The high sound quality is the logic consequence of using powerful and stable loudspeakers. The symptom of ‘cone break up’ is an unknown phenomenon with HEVOS loudspeakers. Besides that, there is the influence of the design of the cabinet that make HEVOS cabinets sound better than other bass cabinets. HEVOS uses professional computer programs that calculate the optimal measures of the cabinets and the reflex ports.

The connecting plate ath the back of each cabinet is stucked with special Speakon loudspeaker connectors. Cabinets with a tweeter have an L-pad to adjust the volume of the tweeter.

The low weight of many HEVOS cabinets is the result of the use of light materials. Partitions make each cabinet as stable as cabinets that use much heavier materials. A very labour intensive way of working, but the only way to make ultra light bins.

Bassists (and their back) love it when they are on the road! All cabinets are finished with black vinyl and plastic stackable corners, so Hevos cabinets are roadproof.