The new 800S bass amplifier is the next step in a series of lightweight high-end amplifiers that started with the 400S a couple of years ago.

The power amplifier of the 800S is an 800 Watt class-D amplifier. Because of the high efficiency rate of 92% and the use of a massive aluminium cooling profile, a cooling fan is absent. For studio use a recommended feature.

Specifications of class-D power amps are highly depended on the quality of the power supply. The switched power supply of the 800S makes it a high-end bass amplifier without any hiss or noise.

The pre-amp is the same as used in de 400S and 400C amplifiers. It is known for its absolute noiseless action due to the use of low-noise components. Knobs and switches are reduced to a minimum: what is needed is present, deleting all the rest.

Two independent inputs make it possible to connect and use two instruments at the same time. The input impedance of both inputs is very high (5 MΩ), so piezo pick-ups can be amplified without a external pre-amp.

Technical data:

Type: transistor class-D, high end
Power: 800 Watts/4 Ohms
Damping: >2000/1 kHz/4 Ohms
Inputs: 2x, independent gain
Tone control: 4 band active
Protection: short circuit, open output, DC-protection output, temperature protection, mismatch, clip, delayed switch on
Divers: mute-out, headphone output, -6dB switch, phase turn switch, symmetrical line-out with pre-post switch
Output: 2x Speakon
Weight: 3.3 kgs
Hxwxd: 8x27x20 cm