Dear bassists, dear HEVOS adepts,

After nearly 30 exciting HEVOS years, it is time to do “other things” as it is called. That means that we, Ben and Rob, will transfer ownership as of the 1st of April 2020. With some pride we can state that we have built up the company’s reputation in the past years. HEVOS is near our heart, it is ‘our baby‘, so it was important for us that in the future HEVOS would not only continue to exist as a brand, but also that the high quality of the amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinets would remain guaranteed .

That is why we have been looking for a worthy successor last year, and we have found it in Adrian Maruszczyk and his company Public Peace. Adrian is a professional bass player, educated at the Maastricht conservatory, and has worked hard in recent years to set up his music company Public Peace. It is now one of the largest bass centers in Europe. Recently, Public Peace has grown further into a broad music company where quality and the love  for music are of paramount importance. His slogan “From player to player” is correct.

We had two important requirements: the HEVOS brand and its high quality standard had to be retained, and the warranty for existing customers had to be guaranteed. And so it will, in the hands of Adrian and his team.

Public Peace is located in a large farmhouse in Germany, just east of Kerkrade and near the city of Aachen.

Public Peace
Nikolausstr. 22
52457 Aldenhoven / Schleiden
Tel .: +49 (0) 2464907267

For the many users of HEVOS equipment in the Netherlands and Belgium of which the warranty is expired, Wil Hofman will provide service as of April 1st 2020. Wil owns Hofman Elektronica in Wijchen near Nijmegen and Wil and HEVOS have known each other for many years. As a specialist in electronics and acoustics, Wil has won his spurs, and what’s more important: he knows the HEVOS amplifiers and loudspeaker cabinets like the back of his hand.

Hofman Electronics
Nieuweweg 267
6603BN Wijchen
(by appointment only)
Tel: +31 (06) 83542937

We thank all HEVOS customers for the confidence they have placed in us, and hope that they will enjoy their HEVOS equipment for many years to come!

Rob de Vos and Ben Heil