Midget10 bass stack

This is the Hevos Midget10 stack: Midget10 combo (12.6 kgs) and Midget10 cabinet (9.1 kgs). The total stack is only 80 cms high.

Both the Midget10 combo and the Midget10 cabinet are equipped with a superb 10″ bass-mid loudspeaker (AES power handling 400 Watts). The dynamic slottweeter in the combo adds that filigran edge to your bass sound. The combo is powered by the Hevos 400C combo amplifier of 400 Watts. The amp has 2 separated inputs and a Class D power amp. It is completely noiseless, ideal for studio use.

German magazine Gitarre& Bass wrote: It is just magic what Hevos did when they designed the Midget, and it deserves respect! Because not only does this powerful and ultra compact combo produce high sound levels, but it does so with tight basses and extreme pure and differentiated. And with the additional cabinet one has enough power even for the hard and solid band sound levels. And it all comes out of one of the most manageable and transportable bass stacks there is. As far as the sound quality is concerned, this Hevos combination is top class, no doubt about that. “

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