Hevos Thor15 combo: 15″ bass-mid loudspeaker and dynamic slottweeter, with 400 Watt amplifier. Only 54 cms high, a weight of 15.8 kgs and a perfect sound. For bassists who prefer a stand-alone cabinet. Also available as a single loudspeaker cabinet (weight 14.3 kg).

Editor Leif Bendt of the German magazine BassQuarterly concluded: “Only a few companies succeed in realizing their ideas about bass amplification in such an accurate and perfect way. Hevos belongs to that little circle for many years now, which once more is proved impressively with this Thor15 bass combo. Regardless of whether you play bass guitar or double bass, jazz, rock, or fusion, this Hevos convinces. Only when you play metal I would recommend to connect an extra cabinet to use maximum power of 400 Watts. For all other music styles, the Thor15 is superior by itself. Bravo!”

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