Super12 combo and Super12 cabinet.


The combo weighs only 14 kgs and is only 40 cms high. The built-in amp delivers a high end 400 Watts/4 Ohms. The 12″ bass-mid loudspeaker offers a beautiful sound, both for bass guitar and double bass. The slot tweeter gives that restraint filigran high up to 20 kHz, important for overtones and audability on stage.

The Super12 cabinet has the same 12″ bass-mid loudspeaker, which can be loaded with 500 Watts AES. This cabinet weighs 11 kgs. The total set (combo and cabinet) is only 80 cms high and can be loaded with 1000 Watts. Instead of the Super12 cabinet it is also possible to combine the combo with the Super15 cabinet, when more accent is needed in the low registers. Price Super12 combo € 1650,- incl. tax, Super12 loudspeaker cabinet € 820,- incl. tax, off Panningen (Netherlands). Hevos ships worldwide.

Both connoisseurs and bass magazines consider Hevos playing in the premier league of bass amplification. Read more info and reviews about the combo and cabinets at this website.