2×6 combo and cabinet
















Hevos smallest combo and cabinet. Built-in high end 400W amplifier. Dimensions hxwxd : 44x23x32 cm. Weight: 10.3 kgs (combo), 8.7 kgs (extra cabinet).

Is it possible to reproduce a wonderful and mature bass sound with 6″ loudspeakers? Despite the very small 6” loudspeakers it offers an astonishing bass reproduction. The sound is great, it is unbelievable that these Hevos 6” loudspeakers can reproduce bass sound so well.

Gitarre&Bass review: “It is simply amazing what a full detailed and rich bass sound Hevos gets out of these small 6 inch loudspeakers. But if one takes a closer look at the powerful special loudspeakers and the very solid construction of the housing, it becomes clear that it’s not magic but rather robust physics that leads to such results. All the more since the high-quality 400C combo amplifier has lots of power available.”

More information at  www.hevos.nl/en/2×6-combo/