Midget10 special edition

Hevos heeft enkele Midget10 luidsprekerkastjes gebouwd met een extra belastbare luidspreker (500W AES). Met een gewicht van nog geen 11 kg en afmetingen hxbxd: 40x36x34 cm is dit ongetwijfeld de kleinste basluidspreker met de hoogste AES belastbaarheid. Piekbelastingen tot 1000 Watt zijn geen probleem voor deze krachtpatser. En de sound? Hevos!

Type: Midget10 met tweeter, special edition
Luidsprekers: 1×10″ + slottweeter
Filter: 2500 Hz
Belastbaarheid: 500 Watt AES/ 1000W program power
Frequentiebereik: 40 Hz-20 kHz  (40-3,5 kHz)
Impedantie: 8 Ohm
Gevoeligheid: 97,5 dB/W/m
Connectoren: 2x Speakon
Afmetingen: hxbxd: 40x36x34 cm
Gewicht: 10,8 kg

Prijs: € 790,- incl. BTW en hoes

Zie https://www.hevos.nl/midget/ voor overige kenmerken en reviews.

Email info@hevos.nl

Midget10 set

At the picture you see my Midget10 set and my bass guitar. I can be brief about the bass: it is a Sadowsky, I have owned it for a long time and I am very satisfied with it.

And I use my Midget10 set also  for a long time now.  I designed it myself and built it with my own hands, together with my companion Ben.

The Midget10 combo is powered by the 400C bass amp. You can find that combo at a number of Dutch conservatories for many years now. Both bass guitar departments and the double bass departments use it. We are quite proud of that.

I use the combo with the extra Midget10 loudspeaker cabinet in my bluesband. As you can see it is only a small set. Is that possible, that tiny set in a blues band, you might wonder? The answer is: yes. That is not only because of the high-end 400 Watts power amp that we use in the amplifier, but also because of the great 10 “loudspeakers that not only go from deep down to very high, but keep the sound transparent. And this set is also ligth weight!  I’m happy with it  (and my bass)!





Test 800S


In a few weeks we will know how the test of our newest amplifier, the 800S, worked out. German magazine Gitarre & Bass is known for its detailed and reliable reviews. As soon as the March issue is available we will inform you!

Happy Christmas!

Nice picture sent to us by Lukas Müller (Switserland). Lukas uses his  Hevos 2×6 cabinet tilted so that his amp matches the small stack :-).  Hevos 2×6 cabinet & 2×6 combo, small size, great sound!

The making of a Hevos 800S bass amplifier

High end bass amplifier, completely free of noise and hum.

Technical data:

Type: transistor class-D, high end
Power: 800 Watts/4 Ohms
Damping: >2000/1 kHz/4 Ohms
IInputs: 2x 5MΩ impedance, independent gain
Tone control: 4 band active
Protection: short circuit, open output, DC-protection output, temperature protection, mismatch, clip, delayed switch on
Divers: mute-out, headphone output, -6dB switch, phase turn switch, symmetrical line-out with pre-post switch
Output: 2x Speakon
Weight: 3.3 kgs
Hxwxd: 8x27x20 cms
Price: € 1250,- incl. tax


(Nederlands) Midget10 combo









Jan-Willem Bullee (also a Hevos user) took this awesome picture during the SixStringSession XL at the Oude Luxor Theater in Rotterdam. in the picture bassist Martin Bakker with (four string) bass and his Hevos Midget10 combo.