A Hevos user: Patryk Bizukojć

Patryk Bizukojć uses a Hevos Power loudspeaker set. Patryk is a bass player from Poland and plays in the Romuald Lipko Band, Joszko Broda, Pathlife, Ex It  and with many more artists as a session bass player.

Patryk:  “For me personally I need versatile, and powerful cabs which can handle styles from Gospel, Jazz, Pop, Rock to even Folk music. The Hevos Powerset 2×210 is just perfect! I love how the bass “sings” through those cabs. They have it all… clarity, transparency, punch and awesome power when I need it! Best in the world with no doubt. The bass sound on the stage is clear, full and present. No matter if it’s paired with old vintage Jazz Bass or Five string Fat sounding bass. Great all the way!

Thanks Patryk! And if there might be any doubt about the spontaneity of his reaction: Hevos does not support payed endorsements.