HEVOS new Thor 15 combo

Amplifier: 400C: 400W/4 Ohm , class-D
Type: bass reflex
Loudspeakers: 1×15″ , dynamic slottweeter
Power handling: 500 Watts AES
Filter: 2500 Hz
Frequency range: 35 Hz- 20 kHz
Impedance: 8 Ohms
Sensitivity: 100 dB/W/m
Connectors: 1x Speakon
Dimensions hxwxd: 54x40x35 cm
Weight: 15.8 kgs
Price:  € 1650,00 incl. BTW off Panningen

New combo: Thor15

This is our new Thor15 combo, at the left flanked by a Midget set and a Super12 combo at the right.

The Thor is powered by a 15 “basmid loudspeaker that is not only  excellent in low bass but has a beautiful mid performence as well.  And the sound remains tight, even under heavy conditions. The dynamic slottweeter gives that filigran golden lining to the bass sound.

The Thor15 combo can be loaded continuously with 500 Watts AES, weighs less than 16 kg, and is only 54 cm high. Price € 1650, – incl. VAT. Available soon .

Bo Waterschoot plays classic…

Bo Waterschoot plays at Hevos for many years now.  His comment on the picture: ” Human Base ClassX 6 with a string Quartet and a soprano sax  🙂 you did it ! THE bass guitar that fits among orchestra instrument. I’m there playing either Scnhydel, Vivaldi or Strauss music. Proud and happy contrabass guitar player here, special thanks to Rhonny for making that possible and extra special thanks to the other players and their magical bows for their patience and talent 🙂
Big Hug to my Dutch friends at HEVOS for their amazing amp systems … Rob and Ben, yep, you nailed it too … you know that pure bass sound  🙂

Rob & Ben say:  🙂

Open day at Amsterdam Conservatory

Beautiful day, that open day of the Amsterdam Conservatory! Many young talented people from all over the world visited the conservatory. And look, on stage there is the Hevos Compact loudspeaker set with the Hevos 400D amp!

The Amsterdam Conservatory uses  for its bass department Hevos equipment for over 13 years now. Not only there is the series Midget10 combos in the classrooms, but also the Compact set and 400D amp (picture), which are used during special events and concerts in the main concert hall .

And Amsterdam is not the only conservatory which has chosen Hevos, 3 other conservatories in the Netherlands also have. Moreover, conservatories abroad choose Hevos bass gear more and more. Simply because of its high quality. We (Ben and Rob) are proud of that!