Daily Archives: November-15-2016

The loudspeaker: a bassists supposititious child?

For many bass players their instrument is the most vital part of their appearance, and rightly so. But since many bass players need some kind of electronic amplification to do the job it’s obvious that the quality of that amplification does matter. Ergo: a good bass and moderate amplification make a moderate sound.


As it happens, the amplifier got most of the attention, and the loudspeaker is a matter of minor importance. So let’s see if that is self-evident. Well…. It’s not.  In the end, it is the loudspeaker that makes the transition from an electric signal to moving air (= what you hear). But pity about the loudspeaker, the amp is much more attractive because of its knobs and connectors and leds. So let’s turn to the loudspeaker. Continue reading