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Hevos and endorsements


You know the drill: a slick photo of a famous bassist, in the background bass gear. The bassist looks happy, he’s obviously a merry time with his new set. What you probably also know is that the bassist was in particular pleased with the financial side of his purchase. Presumably that he got the gear for free. He then became part of a marketing campaign. That is called endorsement. Over the years we have seen good bass players playing on bad equipment, just for the money.

Lately many musicians take action against low wages in music industry. They are rightly angry if it is suggested to play for nothing or almost nothing. Because that would generate additional publicity, or similar reasons. Endorsements are similar: too often one see bass players with bass gear  that are not first choice for the player himself. Manufacturers expect to increase their turnover by offering a famous bass players an endorsement.

Hevos does not do that. We’re a relatively small company and have no budget for it. Like many musicians we take our job seriously. For us that means that we try to make perfect bass gear for a fair price. It is impossible to do that for a low price, quality costs money. At Hevos we cherish the principle that good bass gear sells itself, which is proved almost daily. Nowadays many bass players find their way to us. That a number of conservatories and their teachers and students have choosen Hevos as their house brand proofs that we are on the right track.

What we really like to do is to support young bass talents. We have been a a sponsor for many years now of ‘B International Jazz Contest’ in Leuven (formerly Jazz Hoeilaert). That’s a renowned competition for young jazz talents from all over the world, with an international jury. Every year we offer a Hevos bass backline. And we give away the Prize Best Bass Player  (a Hevos combo) to the best bassist at the B-Jazz contest.

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