Daily Archives: October-19-2014

Hevos bass amplifiers completely noise and hum free

preamp detail 3

The new generation of Hevos bass amplifiers is completely noise and hum free. So if you’re not playing,  the only way to see if the amp is switched on is by the leds.  Moreover, Hevos amplifiers do not use buzzing fans, which are not needed in our amps. Now a noisy amp can be annoying, but in live situations it’s often not so bad. However, studio recordings require total lack of humming and buzzin. Therefore, you can easily use a Hevos amplifier in the studio. In addition, each amp has a symmetrical line out of studio quality.

How do we get our amplifiers so quiet? By using low noise components. And dustproof Alps potentiometers. And PCBs (printed circuit boards) of  Dutch high quality with a sophisticated layout. And Neutrik connectors with very good cables. No secrets so far. We are obliged to make our amps completely silent though because the Hevos tweeter we use in our speaker cabinets and combos go as high as 20 kHz,  so the tweeter is relentless to any noise. You see, we make every effort to give you the perfect bass sound.