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Double bass sound reinforcement

Double bass players are often conservative people as far as amplification of their instrument is concerned. That makes sense: after all, a double bass is an acoustic instrument and sound reinforcement is often seen as a necessary evil. Therefore,  double bass players are not the most faitful followers of fashions in bass amp land, and often use their old combo for many years. A good thing, saves a lot of money and frustations. But at the same time that’s a pity, because bass amplification did evolved the last couple of years.

midget12combo 400c

For sound reinforcement of double basses Hevos designed the Midget12 combo. The built-in amplifier has two separate inputs with phase switch. Both inputs have a very high impedance so that nearly all piezo pickups can be connected directly without the need of an  additional preamplifier. The amplifier does what it is suppost to do: amplify the acoustic sound, no frills and no unnecessary buttons and settings. High-end, that means what goes in comes out, with no distorsion,  hum or noise. And the 12 ” loudspeaker of Midget12 comes very close to the acoustic sound of the instrument itself. Better than its competitors. Well, competitors … more and more double bass players try out the Midget12 and then choose it with conviction. We’re proud of that!

See http://www.hevos.nl/en/midget-12-combo/ for more information.