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HEVOS 22 years old!


Hevos is 22 years old now. And we’re going to celebrate that. Until the 1st of July 2014 we offer a 10% reduction off the regular price. Make sure you order in time!

Test 1000S by BassQuarterly

1000s bq

German bass magazine BassQuarterly tested the 1000S amplifier. Conclusions:

” The sound of the HEVOS 1000S – as one would expect from Hevos – is just excellent , hot and spicy , transparent, with very pleasant mids and clear highs . The amplifier is responsive and dynamic , has both in bridged and non-bridged mode an almost infinite power and more than enough volume for all conceivable stages, and impresses with its simple operation and flexible sound settings . The loudspeakers make the the finer points then . With a pair of 15 “speakers  you can create a deep bass sound at earthquake level. Yet even with one or two smaller boxes (2 x 10 ” or 1 x 12 ” ) the 1000S convinces with a rich , powerful bass, a snarling midrange and crisp highs. The 1000S is multifunctional, whether you play metal, rock , pop , funk, country or jazz. It mastered all these skills.  The same multifunctionality goes for the used instrument, whether it is a bass guitar , double bass or acoustic bass guitar. 

The HEVOS 1000S is a Dutch masterpiece of the highest level and ideal for bass players who are looking for a clear, undistorted sound quality . It’s light, small, compact , very powerful , very flexible and multifunctional in use . The performance  is excellent, the sound clean , refined and full. The operation is simple , the build quality is excellent and of the highest level , and it produces no noise at all . The price of this high-end amplifier is very attractive . “