The back of the 1000S amp

1000s back

This is the back of the Hevos 1000S amp. The 1000S has 2 power amps. Both power amps have a Speakon output connector (at the left of the line out), each of them can be loaded with a loudspeaker cabinet of ≥ 4 Ohms. Interesting for bass players owning 2 cabinets of 4 Ohms each.

At the left of these Speakons there is a switch that can be set in a bridged and non bridged mode. The non bridged mode offers the two separated power amps as described above. In bridged mode the power amps are bridged and connected to the Speakon connector at the left. One can connect 1 cabinet of 4 Ohms, or, intersting for many bassists, 2 cabinets of 8 Ohms each.

The editor of a well known German bass magazine wrote about the 1000S: “The Hevos 1000S is a Dutch masterpiece at the highest level and ideal for bassists that are looking for a clear, undistorted, honest and high-grade sound. ”