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Review Gitarre&Bass of the 2×6 combo plus extra cabinet

2x6 2x6

German magazine Gitarre&Bass has published a review of the 2×6 combo and extra cabinet this week. This is the conclusion:

” It is simply amazing what a full detailed and rich bass sound Hevos gets out of these small 6 inch loudspeakers. But if one takes a closer look at the powerful special loudspeakers and the very solid construction of the housing, it becomes clear that it’s not magic but rather robust physics that leads to such results. All the more since the high-quality 400C combo amplifier has lots of power available. Besides the amazing combination of an extremely compact construction and a mature sound performance,  an additional advantage is that the amplifier has two input channels with separate gain controls and a phase reverse switch. Therefore, this smallest Hevos combo is not only also suitable for musical education but for acoustic instruments with more than one pickup as well. The price will give many scrimpy bassists the willies, but one simply cannot get extraordinary performance at the highest level for free. “

We are proud!