The bass stack of Peter Vink

petervink set

Today Peter Vink sent us a nice picture of his bass stack. He uses a Hevos 4×10” cab, a Hevos 1×18” cab and a Hevos 2x800W power amplifier. He plays this bass stack for more than 11 years now!

Peter got famous as the bass player of the famous The Hague rock band Q65 in the ’60, with their big hit  The Life I Live. After Q65 he played in a lot of bands, the best known are Big Weel,  Finch, Ayreon ( music project of Arjen Anthony Lucassen), Veralin and more recent Knight Area. Here is a nice video of Knight Area.

Reviewing the bands in which Peter played and plays, it goes without saying that he and his bass stack have seen every corner of the world.

Arjen Lucassen  says about Peter at his site :

During the 60s Peter was a big star in the Netherlands with his band Q65, but I was more interested in his progressive period with the band Finch in the 70s. The first time I met Peter was when he produced my very first demo in 1978. From that time on we’ve always kept in touch and worked together in the cover band ‘The Renegades’, the 1993 Anthony CD, and the first Ayreon CD. Peter was a logical choice for me to take on the 2002 tour of Star One, where he proved that he is still my favorite bassplayer with his powerful style that is somewhere between John Entwhistle (Who) and Chris Squire (Yes) though he has his own and recognizable sound. Whenever Peter is in a group of people he is always the life of the party; it is never boring when Peter is around!”

Keep up the good work Peter!