Bassday Harlem succesful

The bassday that was organized by Ad van den Berg last Sunday was a succes! Bassists from Harlem and surrounding area could see and hear a choice of bass amps and cabinets that Hevos produces.   Adrian Maruszczyk from Germany showed a part of his exclusive bass collection.


And of course this was an excellent opportunity for Adrian to ‘touch the bottom line’! Adrian studied bass at the Maastricht conservatory and became a professional bass player after graduating. A few years ago he opened a large bass shop near Aachen, where one can hear all those bassses that Adrian produces, and  also find a fine selection of high end bass amps and cabinets.  Indeed Hevos is present.


At the photos Adrian playing one of his basses , amplified by  a Super12 combo with the new amp 400C (top) and a Super15 cabinet (bottom). At the left one notices a large set,  excisting of a 800D amplifier tubes/Mosfet , 2 cabinets with 2×10″ loudspeakers and a bottom  cabinet 1×15″, all from the Power series. The 800D delivers a clean 1000 Watts/4 Ohms, the cabinets are able to cope with that power without a hitch.

In a word: a day that is bear repeating!