New combo amplifier 400C ready

The new combo amplifier 400C is ready. Designing and producing a new line of bass amps always takes more time than planned, but the results could not be better.

400C built in in the 2×6 combo

The amp is as small as its predecessor, the 400T, but so much lighter. That is the result of using a switched power supply in stead of a heavy transformer. And that makes a diference: the 400C only weights 1.8 kgs.

But more important is that thanks to the redesigned preamp and the new 400 Watts class-D  power amp the 400C is as quiet as a mouse.

400c pcb
The heart of the 400C: the new preamp

The pre amplifier is derived from the 400T amplifier, but has been completely redesigned to meet even better characteristics. The power amp delivers a clean 400 Watts at 4 Ohms. Clean means that the power amplifier has a typical THD (Total Harmonic Distortion) of 0.01% at 20Hz-20kHz, and a THD of <1% at 400 Watts. The 400C is hum and noise free, thanks to the switched power supply and the use of low noise components.

Both imputs have a very high impedance,  resulting in a perfect match wit all kinds of electric and acoustic basses. Even the hardest piezo pick ups match well with the 400C, so that an extra pre amp for double basses is superfluous.

Technical data:

Type: transistor class-D combo amplifier with switched power supply
Size hxwxd: 10x23x20 cm
Power: 400 Watts/4 Ohms
Damping: >2000/1 kHz/4 Ohms
Inputs: 2x, independent gain control
Tone control: 4 band active
Protection: short circuit, open output, DC-protection output, temperature protection, mismatch, clip protection, delayed switch on
Divers: dust proof potmeters, mute switch with mute out, headphone, -6dB switch, phase turn switch, symmetrical line out with pre-post switch
Output: 1 extra Speakon, 1x intern loudspeaker out
Weight: 1.8 kgs

From the 1st of August 2013 all Hevos combos are fitted with the 400C.