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Black anodized aluminium

The cases of our new line of amplifiers are made of black anodized aluminium. Anodizing forms a hard skin at the aluminium.


Oxidizing of aluminium is a natural proces. During the proces of industrialized anodizing this natural oxidation proces is accelerated, and the outside of the aluminium is transformed into aluminium oxide. Anodized products have a smooth, mat-finished appearance, which offers long-lasting protection against corrosion. And they are harder and more wear-resistent than  non-anodized products.

dr2  dr1

The new amp cases are deep-black anodized. The coloured anodized skin is highly scratch-resistent, solvent-proof and 100% recyclable. To put it shortly: a high tech product. And produced ‘just around the corner’, in Eindhoven, the worlds number 1 high-tech region.

Phantom power supply


Some double bass players like to use a condensor microphone to aplify their instrument.


A condensor mic needs an extern power supply of 48V though, called phantom power supply. And the Hevos 400C amp lacks a phantom power supply. From an electronic point of view designing a phantom power supply is a piece of cake. Continue reading

New combo amplifier 400C ready

The new combo amplifier 400C is ready. Designing and producing a new line of bass amps always takes more time than planned, but the results could not be better.

400C built in in the 2×6 combo

The amp is as small as its predecessor, the 400T, but so much lighter. That is the result of using a switched power supply in stead of a heavy transformer. And that makes a diference: the 400C only weights 1.8 kgs. Continue reading