Hevos and sustainability

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. Sustainability interfaces with economics through the social and environmental consequences of economic activity. Lately the concept of sustainability has been used in an often inappropriate way, so that it begins to lose its meaning.  Sustainability has to do with dealing in a proper manner with raw materials and the environment, so that no permanent damage is done. That sounds nice, but what does this mean in practice, for example for Hevos?

For a start,  Hevos products literally  are very durable, they last long. And should there come a moment after that longevity that something has to be discarded, then it is good to know that all Hevos products can be recycled.


But there is another aspect to Hevos products that makes them durable, and that is the origin of the components. Hevos tries to obtain its components in its own close vicinity. The advantages are that the transport lines are short, that the production is guaranteed environmentally friendly and comply with European standards, and that the labour conditions at its  suppliers meet high (European) requirements. These matters are not always assured by using suppliers at far distances.

For Hevos products this means that only a few components come from  outside Europe. Almost every component comes from Europe, or closer: from the Netherlands. Or even more closer: within 40 kms from Hevos. Some examples:

Hevos pre-amplifiers are assembled in Eindhoven (NL)
Hevos power amplifiers are assembled in Groningen (NL) and Italy
Amplifier casings come from Helmond (NL)
Wood for loudspeaker cabinets comes from Finland
Upholstery for loudspeaker cabinets comes from the United Kingdom
Grids for loudspeaker cabinets come from Helmond (NL)
Loudspeakers come from various European countries

Involving components from its own neighbourhood has an additional advantage, namely that high quality can be guaranteed. And for Hevos that is course of the utmost importance, because producing high quality bass amplifiers and cabinets can only be succesful by using the best components. And that is and has always been our ultimate goal:  producing high quality bass gear.