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Hevos and sustainability

Sustainability is the capacity to endure. Sustainability interfaces with economics through the social and environmental consequences of economic activity. Lately the concept of sustainability has been used in an often inappropriate way, so that it begins to lose its meaning.  Sustainability has to do with dealing in a proper manner with raw materials and the environment, so that no permanent damage is done. That sounds nice, but what does this mean in practice, for example for Hevos?

For a start,  Hevos products literally  are very durable, they last long. And should there come a moment after that longevity that something has to be discarded, then it is good to know that all Hevos products can be recycled.


But there is another aspect to Hevos products that makes them durable, and that is the origin of the components. Continue reading

Combos as light as a ‘feather’

With the arrival of the new 400C combo amp, Hevos combos will be 3 kgs lighter than before. That weight saving is due to the fact that the 400C has a switching power supply in stead of a heavy transformer. This will also apply to the 400S and 1000S, the amp tops that will be launched this summer as well.

2x6 front

Clients know that unlike other manufacturers, Hevos does not follow any new technological development immediately. We prefer to wait until ‘teething troubles’ will be over. And there are teething troubles with any new technology! Just think of the heat problems with the first generation loudspeakers with neodymium magnets. And the distortion problems in the first generation of class-D amplifiers.

The same is true for switching power supplies. That’s why Hevos waited quietly until a 100% stable switching power supply would be available. Later on more about the technology behind the new amps.

Thanks to the light 400C amplifier the weight of all Hevos combos has decreased substantially:

2×6               13,7 kgs
Midget10      14.6 kgs
Midget12      13.7 kgs
Super12       16,6 kgs
Compact15  18   kgs

We know that there are lighter bass combos on the market than our Hevos combos. However, comparison is hard, since it always concerns combos with (much) lower amp power output and loudspeakers with lower power handling.

Prices will remain similar to that of the ‘old’ combos. Continue reading