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Adrian Maruszczyk Bass Day 2013


Last Saturday te 22nd of June 2013 Adrian Maruszczyk had his Bass Day 2013 in his magnificent  bass centre near Aachen in Germany. At the picture above one sees Adrian (right) playing with well known German bassist Ralf Gauck.

Sympathetical Adrian had prepared an enjoyable bass day for many people! Relaxed athmosphere, good music, food and drinks. For Hevos this was the moment to introduce the first combo with the new Hevos 400C combo amplifier. The new amp was built in a 2×6 combo with a 2×6 extra loudspeaker cabinet under it. The new  amp took the fancy of many present bassists.

At the picture below one sees one of Adrians daughters with her band:

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Design cases new amps

1000s edrawing

This is the technical drawing of the new amplifier 1000S that will be introduced this summer. At the same time the other new amp, 400S, will also be launched.


You can watch the new amp cases  3D by following these links:



Open in Adobe Reader. Rotate and zoom with the mouse.

Proto type case new combo amp ready


Protoype of the case for HEVOS new combo amplifier 400C is ready. All combos will be fitted with the 400C very soon. The cases for the new stand alone amplifiers 400S and 1000S are in preparation.
All cases will be made of anodized aluminium, a finish which is extremely scratch proof.