Monthly Archives: May 2013

New amplifiers


Finally the new preamps and power amps are ready. Above you see a picture of the preamp. The preamp is a spin off of the 400T amplifier and is designed in a way that we can link it to different power amps. This new generation of amplifiers all get high end switched power supplies, to avoid heavy transformers.

I a couple of weeks we start with the 400C, the new combo amplifier of 400 watts. The same specifications as the 400T has, but about 3 kg lighter. That means that all combos will weight 3 kgs less. Once the new frames for the 400C are ready delivery will start.

Furthermore two new stand alone amplifiers are planned fort his summer, the 400S with a power of 400W, and the 1000S with an output of 2x350W, bridged 1x1000W. Both amplifiers are ultra light and very small (22x6x20 cm).

We will keep you informed!