Super12 combo under construction


Made of lightweight poplar plywood, strong tolex coating on the outside and damping material on the inside. Holes for the famous 12 “/ 400W / 8 Ohm loudspeaker and the dynamic tweeter. At the bottom there is a rectangular wooden reflex port which forms an integral part of the housing. At the back there is an air-tight compartment for the 400C amplifier that is mounted in a black steel frame. The 400C is a high-end bass amp of 400W / 4 ohms with a class D power amp and an extremely stable switching power supply. The amplifier is completely noise free and equipped with all necessary connections. Weight 14 kg.

Read more about the Super12 combo here.

Hevos rocks !

Marchell Remeeus

Bass player Rachell Remeeus (from renowned Dutch hardrock band Highway Chile) plays at Hevos 400D hybrid amp, and a special Power set: 2×10 cab & 1×18 cab !

(Nederlands) Bo Waterschoot

Bo Waterschoot:  “This is a version of Eric Marienthal on the “Eternal Child” solo.  An old transcription that I play quite a lot. Playing at my fretless Human Base classx and using the DI Out of my HEVOS 800D amp.”


New 12” loudspeaker

super12 nieuw

The unequaled Hevos 12 “loudspeaker has been upgraded. The result: the same transparent and tight reproduction of deep low to high, but just as a little brighter in the mid. You know that we never change a winning loudspeaker, unless it is an improvement. And we are satisfied indeed!  Additional benefit:  the weight of the Super12 cabinet is now just 10.8 kgs.

The new 12” driver will be used in the Midget12 and Midget12 combo as well.


We’ve got some  demo loudspeaker cabinets to offer at attractive prices!  Have a look here  or push the button “Offers”  at the right.

In the studio with a Midget10

joe klein

Joe Gridl from Vienna (Austria) sent us this photo and wrote”:
” I’m in the studio this weekend with a band called “Vivienne”. The sound we’re after is a mix of acoustic elements and vintage rock/pop. I record my vintage japanese jazz bass clone through an Old World Audio 1960 compressor into my Midget10. We use an AKG D12 mic and the DI output. Both into the UA Apollo with API Unison Preamps. KILLER bass tone.”